Y U NO PLAY SKYRIM!?! BF3 Chopper Gameplay

YO Yo YOOOO ! Deej here, dropping you a sick BF3 Chopper vid and giving you an update on what Ive been doing. I tell you why I havent been posting SKyrim videos about the new Dragonborn DLC. I want to in the near future I just need to get my hands on a copy of Skyrim. Ive been more interested in other new games. Nothing in Dragon born intrigued me enough to jump right on it. With Hitman, Dishonored and Far Cry 3 all recently coming out Ive been more interested in those titles. Black Ops2 didnt last long. I accidentally picked up Resident Evil 6. big mistake. Half hour into it Im already bored as shit with it. So dont expect any videos form that. It made me remember why I dont like Resident Evil games. Great story line but way too slow an boring to play. Its like watching a movie while pushing buttons. Some scenes happen over and over 😉

BF3 Havoc Chopper Gameplay