Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3!! First off I’ll start this review off by saying this is one of my favorite games!! I had a lot of fun on this game. Before I played Arma, This was the MOST war immersing video game I had ever played. I mention Arma because it truly is the closest to life, war simulator that I have played. But even still saying that, there are parts of Battlefield 3 that blow Arma out of the water. The building destruction. The medic class. They both have helicopters but I have to admit that I like the helicopter play more in Battlefield. It would be great to have the same flying mechanics on larger maps like arm, but we can’t have everything. Anyway, enough about the comparison of Arma to Battlefield. They are virtually the same type of game. One just has larger maps, thus making action less frequent.

Battlefield is a very team base game. Most game modes require a good amount of organization to be successful. It’s not like COD where one lone wolf with mad skills can run the show and make or break a team. You can be really good, but you need to have your team back you up and to help maintain dominance. Another feature that sets battlefield aside from COD is vehicles. You can find a whole heavy military arsenal at your dispose at each enemy base. You will have access to different vehicles depending on game ode and your map. There are vehicles like tanks, LAVs, havoc and viper attack choppers, ATV and Dirt bikes, There are even JETS!

There is also a big list of game modes to choose from. My favorite by far is Conquest. Its a domination type game mode where you capture and maintain bases across each map. There are also modes like Rush, TDM and Squad TDM, and even Capture the Flag. There are also vehicles based game modes like Tank Supremacy and Air Supremacy where you have to dominate a map with each said vehicle. All very fun!!

The Single Player Campaign was pretty good. It takes place somewhat in the near future. I don’t want to give too much away but I’ll say that it is definitely full of action.

One negative side to the game I’d like to mention is the way the game developers, Dice, distributed the map packs. The way they released the map packs, not only timing, but in method of distribution. They released a premium membership that allowed you to have all map packs after they had already released some map packs. They claimed it would save you money but if you had already bought the first pack it didn’t pro rate and didn’t save you money. Also, if you didn’t buy all map packs, some players would have guns and weapons that you did not. Maps are one thing, but tools and weapons is another potentially unfair advantage.

I started playing Battlefield 3 on my xbox 360, but I’ve also recently started playing on PC and wow, there is a big boost in graphic quality when you play on PC. But I think that can be said about nearly any game when it comes to console vs PC.

The Verdict


The Good: Large Maps | Vehicles | War Immersing | Building Destruction

The Bad: Spawn System | Community Behavior


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