Battlefield Hardline Levolutions – Destruction

Battlefield Hardline Levolutions

Well Battlefield Hardline is finally here and of course people are trying out all of the new levolutions! There some really cool ones this time around with Battlefield. They also brought back a couple maps that have storms, both sea and sand, but I don’t think anyone is really a fan of either.

These Battlefield Hardline Levolutions range from simple apartment buildings collapsing from firey kitchen stoves to full blown train track demolition bringing tons of steel down on the heads of players racing through the waterways beneath. Probably the best bunch of battlefield levolutions yet. There’s even a Marijuana Grow House that you can light on fire! Snoop would be proud!

Day one… I am loving this game. I picked it up after the release from and haven’t put it down besides sleeping and editing this video. I have to say I love the new maps! Especially everglades. It has a lot of diverse areas with great shooting advantages. The whole map is built for great gun fights. I have to say I’m not fond of ‘The Block’. It has a seriously bad choke point for each side. A tea with a little more skill could easily spawn trap the other team the whole game. It’s not built to release any pressure. The levolution for it also takes a long time.

Overall though I am really enjoying the game and it doesn’t see to be riddled with flaws like Battlefield 4 was when it released. The only thing I would say needs fixed… There seems to be an issue with reloading and the time it takes within the animations. Seems quirky and everyone I have played with agrees. Something I’m sure that Visceral will be fixing soon because it seems like a problem everyone is bringing up.

If you’re a fan of the Battlefield franchise then I definitely encourage you to pick up Battlefield Hardline for your collection.