NEW Hardline Details

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty amped for Battlefield Hardline to make it’s way to our monitors! I played the hell out of both Betas and I am looking forward to this title since Battlefield 4 was a giant flop in my opinion. The new features and game modes will be adding a little bit of action and life to the Battlefield franchise. I like how they added Hotwire and turned conquest into a mobile madness of bullets and explosions!

In this video, Swifty2606 gives you some of the upcoming features and key changes to look out for. It seem Visceral Games is swapping some guns to opposing sides, reducing bullet damage on some guns and increasing prices for Battle Packs and attachments. Nothing too drastic. But some things will be significant changes like the bullet damage from the .338 magnum is getting cut in half! If you remember my video about the elephant gun… Yea, no more of that. Damn it!!!

Aside from that it doesn’t really mean much to me as I don’t really mind there being segregated guns for each side. There is always the gun licenses, but I guess they are increasing the kills it takes to obtain a license for each gun. Gold Camo will takes 1000 kills per gun… That seems legit.

Swifty’s Youtube Channel —> Boom!

Less than a week to go!! Are you as Amped as I am to get your hands on Hardline?