Battlefield Hardline Easter Egg – Elephant Gun

Battlefield Hardline Easter Egg

Ok so first off, this isn’t really an Easter Egg in Hardline. But it is (or was) a very cool hidden secret in Hardline. This was footage from the Beta and I say “or was” because I’ve gotten word that it is being heavily nerfed before the release of Battlefield Hardline in mid March.

This is a .338 Magnum round that you can use on your sniper rifles. It’s an “attachment” that you can buy for 100,000 dollars. At first I thought it was going to guarantee one shot kills when sniping the enemy. I was initially disappointed with the results, until I found out the damage it put on vehicles. This was a great tool to utilize while playing Hardline! Hardline is a new concept of domination or conquest. Instead of having points or flags to capture, you’re capturing vehicles and driving them fast and hard all around the map trying to avoid being destroyed by the enemy.

This bullet worked exceptionally well against helicopters. As you can see in the vid, it took them out in 4 bullets or less. Sometimes more if they had an engineer on board with them. But, even then it usually did enough damage to take them out regardless of heals.

So, since the release is right around the corner, I guess we will see if they do nerf it or not. I heard its going to be reduced down to 8 damage per hit. Though I wonder if it will still have the increased damage if you shoot the enemy vehicle from behind. Still might kick Ass then!

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I’ve heard mixed decisions about Hardline. Did you play the Beta? Did you like it? Are you going to be buying the game when it comes out? Or If you’re reading this after it’s out… did you get it?