Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Hainan Resort Boat Explosion

Hainan Resort Easter Egg

I heard today that the Battlefield 4 Easter egg on Hainan Resort was found and has everyone going crazy doing it every time hainan resort comes up in que. Well I had to jump in and check it out for myself. RUsty, Norry and ninja jumped in to show me the new Boat Explosion Easter Egg on Battlefield 4.

After the trex hype this was at least something significant enough to mention as a battlefield 4 Easter Egg. That week before I had made a video about the dinosaur easter egg in battlefield 4 and to me, it was a big Flop! Lack luster, forgettable and certainly not worth mentioning in the first place.

This one however was a bit better and something you could actually call a Easter Egg in Battlefield 4.

Boat Explosion on Hainan Resort