Battlefield Hardline Montage from the Early Access Beta

Battlefield Hardline Montage

Well, it’s been a good week playing the new Battlefield Hardline Beta from Visceral Gaming and EA. Some people find it to be the same ole thing. But, I … I feel it has added a different flare to the mechanic that a lot of people love. I really enjoyed it and I also thought that it was a vast improvement from Battlefield 4. I thought that there were a lot of flaws in Battlefield 4. But after this week of playing the beta I can tell that the shooting and hit detection is all on. I love it!

There are some OP additions that I hope get nerfed before the release. However, I had a lot of fun exploiting these advantages in the BEta.

Anyway, After a week of playing, I got enough small action clips to put this mini montage together. I made a video each day of the beta so this wasn’t ALL the clips that I got, but the ones I thought went well with the music.

If you want to see my other videos from the Hardline Beta, check out my Channel @ My Youtube Gaming Videos

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