Mechanical Walker in Besiege – This is Spike!

This is Spike, My Mechanical Walker in Besiege

I have grown really fond of this game and I recently made this mechanical walker that I named Spike. He does many things. But, mostly just gets into trouble. I got the concept of moving legs from someone that I seen on twitch. They used pistons pushing back and forth. previously I had been trying to make a mech walker but wasn’t using an efficient method. With the new concept in mind and a little altering to my needs, I came up with Spike. At first, he didn’t have any armor or anything on but I felt for the video that he needed it. While it made him a little more wobbly (Or drunk) I think it made him look more mech like.

I posted it on Reddit —> My Walking MEch Dog People seemed to really like it!

I also put it up at Besiege Downloads and you can download it >Here< This isn't my normal style of video, but it was fun to make and I have gotten a lot of good feedback on it. Thanks for that PeepS! That's why I do this! Now that I have been playing Besiege and watching other people's videos on this type of build, I have seen a lot of mechanical walkers in besiege, but there is one that stands out. It resembles the big AT Walkers in Star Wars. I can't even imagine how long it took the original builder to come up with a properly working prototype of this magnitude. So needless to say there is a lot of potential with this game and I look forward to playing through all of the new features and objectives. It can only get better from here!