Subnautica Ocean Survival Simulator

Subnautica Ocean Survival Game

When I first seen this game coming out I initially thought, “Oh great another survival game”. While I love a good survival game I’m growing weary of all of the remake ripoffs rising up. But, I have to say after seeing the trailers and videos for Subnautica, I have become more and more intrigued with the mechanics it holds.

Subnautica immerses (no pun intended) you into a diverse style of survival than the normal gather and craft game. Subnautica throws you into a foreign world where your spacecraft crashed. You are forced to swim, scavenge and survive! Always gathering and always crafting to upgrade your gear. All in hopes to stay alive while you fix your ship.

The graphics are crazy colorful and vivid. If you like the idea of scuba diving with colorful fish, Subnautica would be the game for you!

Personally I’ve been passing up a lot of survival games because they just seem like remakes of another. But, I’m looking forward to getting this game. Will you be getting it?

I can’t wait to see what is down deeper!!