Super Fantastic TROLOLOLing w/ NOrry Rampage

My main man slam, Norry Rampage gave me this video to post up for you fine peeps! He is all about the Trolls and Lols in Battlefield. Well here is a new installment of his many shinanigans on the battlefield. Super Fantastic Trolololing in 60 FPS!

There were a lot of new nooks and crannies that you could hide on in the new Final Stand DLC map pack for Battlefield 4. He did a fine job at finding them all and killing noobs that don’t already know about these spots. The ending really made me laugh when he impersonates our buddies, Triggy and Russkhof. HILARIOUS!

If you want to see more awesome Battlefield videos from Norry Rampage, then check out his channel. He’s the bees knees that you read about in magazines!

Norry’s Channel