Besiege – Re-loadable Ballista with Explosive Tips

Besiege Re-loadable Ballista

Besiege is a crafting and building game centered around a medieval theme where you have objectives to accomplish. These objectives vary from simply driving to certain points to eliminating troops of enemies and annihilating their castles with explosives. There is also an occasional sheep slaughtering!

When I first played Besiege I, like most, made simple machines and called it at that. But soon after, I realized the potential this game really has. You can build some amazing contraptions and test them out, add on more or completely tear them down and start over. You can even download and test out other people’s builds at I even have a build of my own that can be downloaded. Spike the Dog!

This build is a Re-loadable Ballista in Besiege with explosive tips. And why not, I threw on tank tracks! A little finnicky when used a lot but really effective when used properly.

All in all I am very happy with Besiege even though it is still in early access stages. Since having this game the development team has issued multiple updates that has occasionally brought more parts to the game. These are good signs of things to come. What I want to see is more objectives but I will happily wait for it to put out properly. I’m keeping my eye on this game.